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Advertising your business? Launching a new product? Promoting your services?

Using CDA Media as your media buying service means Lower rates!

Ground Satellites Used by Our Ad Agency in Glen Rock, NJ Our clients range from retail stores, colleges and hospitals to national name brands and of course advertising agencies. They count us to save them money on all media including Radio, TV and Outdoor.

Direct Response for Healthcare and Legal

In addition to conventional media placement, CDA generates leads in the private healthcare field as well as the legal profession through Direct Response Advertising.

With Direct-response (DR) your spot runs at 12:37.and the phone rings at 12:38.

Political Advertising

It's far more than getting the political rates. It's all about strategy and where best to put your spend in order to WIN! If you're a politician or want to be one I strongly urge you to call for a free and in person conversation and consultation.

College Enrollment Marketing Experts

FM Radio is not dead! The students you look to reach still get their favorite stations on platforms such as I Heart Radio on their smart phone. Let us orchestrate your next "Open House" event.

Producers of Garden State Dining an exclusive restaurant feature heard on top New York radio stations since 1983. Giving fine North Jersey restaurants exposure on major market radio.

click here to hear one of our radio ads.

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